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At 4:52am on October 15, 2010, Martyn Beacon said…
handy hints and tips for those that spend too much time online at :o)
At 3:15pm on March 6, 2010, Chrys said…
Budapest eh? I'm not sure we'll be ready for that but Vegas is in the cards. (wow, that was a horrible pun!)

I remember looking into the G2E event last year and it didn't seem to have many online casinos represented there though (actually the person I spoke with said they didn't have any?) If you think it's a good idea as far as networking and getting new marketing ideas, we would definitely go....especially if you and the GPWA are going to have a contingency there :)

Thanks JT :)

Have a nice weekend,

ps - hey, I don't normally go through reading other people's threads but I saw someone wrote to you about a close friend of yours who recently passed away. Take care...we don't know each other but I'm so sorry JT. You're in my prayers.
At 8:24am on March 6, 2010, Chrys said…
aha I see where you're going now. Our family business is a scratch off promotions company - nothing is gambling, we're insanely meticulous about that. We have a 30 year old business that we're not going to mess up b/c we crossed the line. That being said, we do print a scratch off golf game that's used as a fundraiser at golf tournaments, so I'm familiar with how different the state's laws can be - and Canada - when it comes to that. As long as it's a one time use and it's a small event, golf tournaments can use the cards without a problem. It's when the events get big. For ex in Michigan, we're doing something like 100,000 cards right now for Special Olympics as a statewide fundraiser and Special Olympics is filling out a permit for their state goverment since it's a considered by them to be a game of chance. It does seem rather haphazard though what the states allow and what they are stricter on - I'm a sculler and we're trying to raise money for our boathouse since at the end of the summer we're losing our land to Dan Gilbert's new casino (ironic, eh? lol) We looked into doing a bingo night and there are 3 state permits we have to fill out to make it legal - JUST to run a bingo night!!

I suppose I was thinking with Poker Shark Tournaments that it's the poker room who is organizing and running the tournament - and doing the payment processing. All we are doing is the marketing for the event and acting as a middle man between the poker room and the charity. (I guess I was rationalizing that our part in this was promotional and not the gaming end of it which would have the states' governments upset) I was also hoping to be able to talk with the poker room to see what their legal advice was on doing this on a per event basis. I know there are poker rooms who are already doing this and there are charities who've done a few online poker tournaments...but then they may not be in Cleveland, Oh. ha

You think I'm rationalizing our role JT?

Have a great weekend :)
At 8:45am on March 5, 2010, Chrys said…
duh...I wrote back to you yesterday but posted it to my wall instead of actually writing back to you. Sorry about that - it's been 2 weeks without Starbucks and it's starting to show. lol

What I "meant" to write back to you is this --- thanks for the compliments on our site. It's been a blast developing it. We've gotten approvals from 10 sites so far. Still waiting to hear from Bodog - fingers are crossed on that one!

We're in Cleveland, Ohio to answer your question. I've done some research on charity tournaments and on college gaming. Minimum age, maximum buy in so it's considered a legal charitable donation, how to market - I thought we were covered but now your comment has me a little weak in the knees. When you mentioned our butts being covered b/c of past issues --- what were you refering to JT?

Good luck with your new project. ahem, if you find you're in need of some online scratch off cards, please let me know. We have a proprietary product and would be very happy (and honored) to do something for you. I know whatever new project you're working on is going to be pretty phenomenal! Anything we can do to help you out, definitely don't hesitate to ask. It'd be our pleasure ;)

One more question for ya - how important are the conventions for an affiliate to attend? We're too new to go to Amsterdam and have it be worthwhile I think, but what're your thoughts on the GIGSE in Montreal, the CBG Affiliate Weekend in Toronto and the Affiliate Summit East in NYC in August? We'll at least have a track record (and hopefully a few clients!!) by then.


Have a great day.

At 2:07pm on March 3, 2010, Chrys said…
Hey JT, it's been, 2 years maybe? I hope you're doing well! My partner and I are just launching our poker affiliate (finally!!!!) - I feel like we've been in beta test mode forever. We're submitting tomorrow so it should be going live next week. Here's the link --- if you have any spare time and want to comment on it, I'd really appreciate any feedback you can give. I'm an affililate newbie. lol

One thing we're doing is really pushing the online charity poker tournaments. I have 5 charities here in the US who're interested in doing a tournament with us. I don't know if it will help change the way people (Barney Frank's adversaries!) view online casinos, but it can't hurt to be able to say how they're raising money for a great cause.

Take care! Cheers :)

At 7:28am on January 6, 2010, Earl said…
Hey JT. Hope you and yours are well. I heard about the loss of your close friend and you have my sincerest condolences.
At 1:55pm on October 19, 2009, Dyno Don said…
Nice video for Oct 16 2009 JT!!!

That's how I remember you in your earlier videos, get to the point and have fun doing it (and the fact that it cracked me up :). Keep it up.
At 1:48pm on October 3, 2009, William Adams said…
any word on Eurolinx? Microgaming ever going to make an apology to it's customers for letting foxes into their henhouse?
I have met Kevin, Jordan and Dave at Pitbull. Liked them and hope they are not doing a bail. See that software is up and running but no games.
best wishes,
At 1:34pm on September 15, 2009, William Adams said…
Thanks for looking into it. I can be reached at [email protected] If you need some stories to tell about Eurolinx, we probably have a few.

Best wishes,
At 10:42pm on September 14, 2009, Vicki said…
Hidey-Ho, JT! Keep up the great stuff ..... every bit of it! *wink*
At 7:02pm on September 8, 2009, William Adams said…

Have you heard who is liquidating Eurolinx? Can you get a contact # and name? I would appreciate it!
Bill Adams
At 5:12am on July 26, 2009, Lloyd said…
Thanks Todd - you're too kind!
At 2:20am on July 26, 2009, Deriek Vosloo said…
Hi J
Just starting to find me feet around the online thing!
apologies for not replying sooner will stop by more often now
At 11:33am on July 25, 2009, Debbie said…
Hi J, Good to see a fellow Texan ( I know you lived here in the past). I'm in Tomball, which is about 20 miles north of Houston. Keep up the good fight and I'll see you again, as I do every Friday.
At 2:28pm on June 3, 2009, Calvin Ayre said…
This is Calvin spending time getting to know the Social Web. One of the most important parts of life nowadays. Have a great week ahead!
At 9:56pm on May 30, 2009, Laura said…
JTodd... I have heard you with Rounders... my name there is StackedInFL.
At 1:23pm on May 21, 2009, JTodd said…
Good to have you here. Stay safe and off the grid!
At 6:27pm on May 20, 2009, Calvin Ayre said…
Yes, this is Calvin Ayre. Thanks for stopping by my profile. I wish you a good weekend ahead. Feel free to connect with me when you have time. I'm exploring Social Networks in my spare time.
At 10:11am on March 28, 2009, James J. said…
thanks, JTodd,

glad to be a member. Great videos, btw.
At 9:39am on March 28, 2009, Wendy said…
Thanks for the welcome message, J! I know it took me a while to reply, but thanks for doing such a great job with APCW... I never miss a show :)

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