The APCW – deceivers, thieves, people who don’t know their business

It all began when manager Emma wrote me in Skype and offered to co-operate. We began to discuss their (Italian poker network) and to speak about that it was Italian poker network, that they were closed and so on. Then we began to speak about conditions. Initial conditions – 30 % Revenue Share, but since we started to co-operate I was offered better conditions and also statistics on players, etc.

Everything seemed to be fine before the first payment. They promised to pay in the beginning of month, but made payment only on 11th. Here is how it all happened.

I was asked to make deposit from moneybookers to their account on web-site. I did it, and then I asked about my money every day. And they answered EVERY DAY, that they already made transfer. When I got tired I decided to finish with this situation; in any way, I received money after 5 hours of continuous communication. It turned out that money was sent not on moneybookers, as it was reported earlier, but on the pokerroom account. And in order to transfer money the affiliate must make deposit in amount of 20€ from moneybookers.

I’ve never seen such crap, and if the affiliate only starts to work and he doesn’t have 20€, what should he do then? They do not pay money. And one more thing: when I made deposit and wrote them about it at least 4 times, I was asked to state my pokerroom login, but I told them my login at least 10 times.

There can be only one conclusion: they are complete nonprofessionals who don’t even know their pokerroom, don’t know their soft and settings.

But it is not the end: there is no statistics on pokerroom and no possibility to check what % they are to pay me. There is only one figure and it is not the rake, no. It is the sum of Revenu Share, and they can steal profit of the affiliate freely.

When I disappointed in their services, in their bad work, and in that nobody knows what to do, I had the impression that their main principle was to sell quickly and to enjoy.

But the worst is still to come. I was asked to write about it, but when their manager told me today that they had discussed the problem with authorities and were ready to give me 40%, I was shocked. And after I asked what % I would receive now, they told that it would be 30%. And as you know I would have never agreed to work with them on standard conditions.

Thereby it turns out that they initially deceived me by offering better conditions. I guess I am the only affiliate of their web-site, so they didn’t know how to transfer money and marked time for 11 days. Then they conned me and didn’t pay the sum which I even don’t know, because I asked them to show the rake of my players, and they sent me % from Revenu Share. Very bad work.

I see trickery, stealing, meanness, dullness in these acts and I am not ready to work with them: neither to play, nor to co-operate. And what about you?

I’m tired of these petty “down-and-out-rooms” which don’t know and understand anything. Thanks God, there are such rooms as Bwin, PokerStars, and Titan, which do their job well, know their business and co-operate honestly.

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Comment by JTodd on August 24, 2009 at 6:44pm
This is a difficult situation for the APCW as I believe there may be some mistakes that could seem like serious integrity issues and yet be simple oversites.

First of all, a poker room that required me to depost 20 Euro would never get me as an affiliate. Warning bells would sound in my head immediately. It's just strange, and I don't understand the need for it. If there is a legitimate need for a deposit in order to become an affiliate, then the process is flawed and should be changed immediately. Also, the statistical information provided should be brought up to 2009 standards if there is truly a bare minimum of information for the webmasters, as has been reported.

That said, it is also totally possible that an affiliate manager or account reoresentative offered this webmaster 40% or 45% to get them on board, and then the account was set to a standard 30% when actually openned. There is no concrete evidence to confirm this one way or another, as emails and chat logs can be altered. However, when I worked as an affiliate, poker rooms paid me no where near 45% and I would be very wary of one who actually promised me a percent of rake that high.

All in all this is an ugly he-said / he-said incident, most of which can be placed somewhere between sloppy work and a deliberate deception. I have not yet seen any concrete evidence that there was an earnest attempt to deceive from either party, however that would not excuse unprofessional behavior if the webmaster was in fact offered a higher percentage of rake than he received... whether deception was involved or not.

My initial reaction to this situation is that Lucas Poker may have dropped the ball when it comes to keeping things straight with their affiliates, and perhapse also in setting up a reporting system which allegedly leaves much to the speculation and imagination of the affiliate. At the same time, they also seem to be quite concerned about their industry image, seem to have tried to make earnest ammends with this affiliate, and are open to talk about the incident in a public forum.

Aleksey: Tell us what you think Lucas Poker should do to make this situation right for you and others?

John: What do you believe Lucas poker can do at this point to show goodfaith toward affiliates resolve this?
Comment by Aleksey Batishev on August 24, 2009 at 8:16am
I would like to tell that I do not work with one pokerroom on standard conditions.

As LucasPoker it is the NEW, UNKNOWN room and to advance it for 30 % Revenue Share senselessly, especially among regulars players and as when at a room is not present bonuses actions.

If I knew that they me is deceived and will give only 30 %, I would not undertake advancement.

I discussed with Don Ganzo poker (as a network) cooperation conditions, and to me have offered 45 %, but I have refused to them having referred that in this network I already have 45 %.

As a result I have burnt through because of deceit LucasPokera.

In any cases to work further with LucasPoker because of their deceit, not professionalism and that I have lost money, I will not be.

If someone is ready to risk and trust LucasPoker it is your risks. I have shared the negative experience with this room.

And still I will notice that for all time in me negative experience of cooperation was caused by rooms: T6poker, Stryyke and LucasPoker. And about all 3 cases I wrote, both in Russian, and at English forums.

My words not empty, and I advise not to contact these people.
Comment by John Berg on August 24, 2009 at 5:29am

my name is John Berg and I am working as the poker-manager at At the moment we are a small hardworking team doing our best to recruit as many new affiliates as possible, it has been working great and we have never had any major problems until I stumbled upon this thread.

We know the industry and we know that not being honest and paying our affiliates will result in a death sentence and it is not a business model that would last for a long time.

I personally would wish that the affiliate in this specific case contacted me before going public with the goal to damage our reputation and business.

I remember this case and we were in contact last time on the 13th when I sent the following email to this specific affiliate:


now login to your account and try again the money should now be visible. You have no need to worry, we always pay our affiliates and players, anything else would be a disaster for our business.

We added €35 to your account as a compensation for the problems.

Have a nice day

Kind Regards
John Berg
Poker Manager";

The compensation was because of a delay in the affiliate payment due to an update in the cashier module, as soon as I found out that the affiliate had not received the payment and was upset we solved the situation the same day.

I never received any reply to this email and I neither have heard about any type of commission problems with this specific affiliate.

If there was anything unclear about the commission we would not hesitate to pay the affiliate the extra amount. We simply prefer to keep our affiliates happy and promoting us. Nobody is perfect and If our affiliate manager would do such a mistake we would also pay the affiliate a compensation and make the terms very clear for the future partnership.

I did just review the chat log between our manager and the affiliate where she states very clear that the commission for the players is 30%.

"[11/07/2009 10:07:31 a.m.] Emma- yes the % for affilites it's 30%"

Today our affiliate manager contacted the affiliate trying to solve the commission situation. The affiliate refused to even talk about any kind of solution.

We do have complete logs on this but because of our privacy policy we do not want to publish it without a confirmation and "ok" from the specific affiliate in this case.

I find this situation very sad and I really hope that our affiliates contact me as the manager to solve any type of problematic situation before going public. In our next affiliate newsletter we will make this very clear to avoid such situations in the future.

We are really trying our best and working hard to make our affiliates happy. Like mentioned earlier, anything else would be a disaster.

If anyone has any further questions regarding this specific situation feel free to contact me personally at manager [at]

Best Regards

John Berg
Poker Manager

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