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At 2:15pm on January 7, 2009, Jeff Schoby said…
Thanks. Glad to be here. Loved the 'dik$#!t' ep of perspectives. Now a subscriber to the rounders radio perspectives podcast
At 1:52pm on January 7, 2009, Chas said…
Thanks JTodd, love listening to your show to partner. Best of luck to you, peace!
At 3:55am on January 6, 2009, Jo Thomas said…
Thanks for the comment Jay! Hopefully see you in London in the coming months!

Happy New Year

At 2:20am on January 6, 2009, CON1 said…

I saw your latest video, great work sir. Interesting, entertaining and most of all, it's great to see people such as yourself taking the stand you do.

Great work J
At 8:25pm on January 5, 2009, Sniper Software said…
Thanks JTodd.. Your vids rock. I look forward to the up and coming news!
At 5:32pm on January 1, 2009, Jasmin Ibrisimbegovic said…
Dear Todd

Thank you very much for your fast reply, I appreciate that.
Glad to find your site (actually one friend from CAP forum recomended it to me)

My name is JasminI ,I am a punter and afiliate. I promote more than 100+ bookies , casinos and poker rooms. With most of them I have very nice cooperation.


Everything was right until first payment. I expected to get 3.500€ and they paid me ONLY 1.180€. After I send them complain they closed my account.

Just to repeat the numbers and traffic I bring to mybet:

More than 400 players who deposited over 110.000,- eur
That was in first 2,5 months.

And the problem they made me:
- didn't pay me commission in full
- closed account without no reason
- keep all the profit from deposting players which I brought promoting them

Yes I believe they are angry now after I post this story on couple of forums:
So they found themselves at 1st place on google for their brand Mybet affiliate

It is hard to get lawyer for this kind of stuff but I am willing to pay you.
Please tell me if you can help or at least write them email, mentioning my name and problems i have.

Write me if you want to hear more info.

At 6:24am on January 1, 2009, shimin said…
thank you
At 3:59pm on December 26, 2008, Paul said…
Thanks for the welcome Todd! =]
At 5:07am on December 23, 2008, Elsidney said…
Hi, thanks for the welcome!
At 6:55am on December 13, 2008, mccracks said…
Cheers bro nice job.
At 3:41am on December 12, 2008, Matteo said…
Thanks! JTodd!
At 4:28am on December 10, 2008, Dan said…
Just born ;)
At 9:46am on December 8, 2008, Luis Soto said…
Thanks mate and congratulations for your website.
At 9:06am on December 7, 2008, wickedmsmary said…
Thanks J Todd
At 2:01pm on December 5, 2008, Jesus Gallardo said…
Thank you J!!!!!!
At 9:04pm on December 2, 2008, Andrea Mullaney said…
Yeah - maybe - what's it to you? haha!

Hi J Todd - can I come play in your playground? :-)

Nice to hear from you again!
- Andrea
At 1:53am on November 16, 2008, Decker said…
Hi Jtodd :)
very interesting industry biography
very inspiring for new upcomers like me :)
At 3:00am on November 11, 2008, Jo Thomas said…
That's OK J! Hope you are enjoying the travels :)

Take care and speak soon!

At 11:17am on November 7, 2008, ranger hatcher said…
Hello back at you.
At 3:35am on October 18, 2008, Fabs said…
Thank you my friend, its appreciated!

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